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Starting your Million Trees & Messages Club is very easy.

After you have completed Eco-Warrior Challenges 1&2 you will have already talked to 4 of your friends about them too planting their tree. So together with yourself, that gives you 5 people initially for your MTM Club. This is a great time to establish your MTM club meeting place, and time to get together each week.

As your 4 friends find 4 of their friends or family to also plant a tree, and complete challenges 1&2, your group will have quickly grown to 21.

At this stage I would suggest you come up with a really catchy name for your group. Try and include your district or school in the name so later when you are talking to other groups, they will know where you are from. 


As the second lot of 16 Eco-Warriors also invite their 4 friends to your club meetings your group will have grown to more than 50, which should ensure your meetings are a lot of fun.

When your group numbers 50 or more, you may want to order MTM Club Tee Shirts with your club’s name printed on them, as they look really great at meetings etc, when all your club members are wearing them.

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