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Million Trees & Messages (MTM) Protagonists are by far the most important people within the MTM Project. They are not only the teachers, champions and advocates of the program, but more importantly they possess the calm, trusted motivating voices, needed to inspire and direct young people to take action against climate change.

MTM Protagonists comprise teachers, mums, dads, grandparents and guardians. People which have the eyes and ears of our children fixed upon them, during their formative learning years.

The MTM Project’s web site’s role is to provide to all our MTM Protagonists with exciting activities, fun learning videos, challenges, etc for MTM Protagonists to utilize.

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However it is important MTM Protagonists do not lose sight of the goals of the MTM Project. Sure the MTM Project strongly encourages young people to plant millions of trees, and yes this will assist humankind’s fight against climate change, but this is not the main goal of the MTM Project.

The MTM Project is focused on creating a




by way of developing and nurturing from a young age, an enormous pool of upcoming environmentally aware and educated global leaders, which are fervidly attached to our planet’s environment.

An MTM Protagonist’s role within the MTM Project is to utilize the MTM videos and activities, etc to instruct, guide, mentor, support, inspire, answer questions, assist young people plant and nurture all kinds of plants and trees, and generally make sure they are having fun while they are learning more about, interacting with, and experiencing all the different natural environments, flora and fauna of their planet.

It does not matter that a child may live in a small apartment or room within a concrete jungle. There is always a place somewhere to grow some greenery. At school, a ledge, windowsill, or balcony is more than enough to get started.


Children are truly amazed by new life. Watching a small seed they have planted, grow into a seedling, and then into a small plant, appears to be an amazing miracle to every young child’s mind.

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I am sure each of us has said, "I wish I could do more in the fight against climate change". I can assure you, becoming an MTM Protagonist will ensure you play a major role in humankind’s fight to restore the planets fragile environment. Both now and in the future.

It is critically important we do not delay developing the first Regeneration Generation any longer. If the MTM Project was conceived in the year 2000 when I first took up the fight against climate change, and we had all accepted to take up the role of MTM Protagonists then, the first Regeneration Generation would already be of the age where they would be taking over the reins of power in many governments and industries.


However this did not happen, and the entire planet is now paying the price for this lack of foresight and leadership.  We cannot delay the establishment of the beginnings of a Regeneration Generation any longer. It is imperative we start now, and work vigorously toward our critically important goal..


The MTM Team is trying to gain the support of 10,000 teachers, drawn from thousands of schools on every continent and island of our planet, to join us as MTM Protagonists in 2022.

The MTM program, activities, videos etc are all totally FREE for all Protagonists to access & utilize. There are absolutely no costs involved.

So please take full advantage of these free resources and assist us develop the

Regeneration Generation

Together we can build a safer future

for all by  create  the


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