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The Million Trees & Messages Green Lifestyles Project aims to enlist the active support of at least 10,000 local residents, who also see and understand the urgent need to protect, and in some cases restore the natural environments of the province, so it remains a green eco-friendly tourist destination into the foreseeable future. The Prime Minister has decreed one billion new trees must be planted by 2025. Hence this is a key project for all MTM Members to focus their efforts upon. Other projects include, waste management, single use plastics, and mangrove protection & restoration.

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Members will meet each month to be updated on the progress of the MTM Schools project, and provided with an updated list of schools visited by the MTM Environmental Sciences Teacher.

The MTM Project will also establish numerous Working Committees to address local needs and new project suggested by members. Working Committees will oversee such projects as,

  • Addressing Single Use Plastic Waste

  • Establishing & Managing Native Tree Nurseries in various  locations

  • Mangrove Forest Restoration & Protection.

  • Planning & Construction of a Mangrove Forest Tourist Walkways

  • Waste & Litter Management & Prevention.


MTM Members will be invited to participate on the committees, which will work closely with local government so as to ensure projects are strategically implemented in line with both National & Provincial Government established guidelines.

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MTM Membership is open to any person, resident within any province of Vietnam, or any other nation, who is keen to ensure Vietnam remains a world class, clean, green, eco-friendly destination for the foreseeable future.

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Membership fees have purposely been set low so as to ensure everyone who is keen to assist Vietnam, remain a world class, eco-friendly destination can easily afford the membership fees the

 MTM Project.

Ordinary Members

VND 175,000

Students – Free

 People who wish to pay their MTM Membership fees by Bank Transfer

Please email Paul Phillips at

and I will send you all the bank details and Registration Form.

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