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(proposed date October 2023)



The week long, annual Green Lifestyles Festival to be staged at Vung Tau each year, will attract scores of government reps, international & local businesses leaders, and tens of thousands of visitors to Vung Tau.

The Green Lifestyles Festival will project a carnival or festival atmosphere, focused on visitors having lots of fun experiencing and adopting all the exciting new green technologies, food, and actions of a eco-friendly lifestyle in the 21st century.

The Festival's Displays, Conferences and Activities will be focused on creating awareness of Green Lifestyle changes, and introducing ways that businesses and general community members of Vietnam, can adopt Greener Lifestyles and habits, as well as providing Business to Business and Business to Government introductions which will eventually lead to the introduction and implementation of a lot more Green Lifestyles, Reforestation, Plastic Waste Management & Renewable Energy Projects being planned and initiated globally.

The Themes of the Festival will vary from year to year. The themes for the inaugural 2023 Festival are,

  • Single Use Plastic

      Solutions - Alternatives - Recycling

  • Green Public Transport

  • Electric Mobility

  • Renewable Energy

  • Green Financing

  • Waste Management

  • Eco-Tourism


The Festival will attract numerous Green Public Transport manufactures which will be keen to display their products to the Vietnamese market & world.


Some manufacturers will set up displays at participating hotels of their products, while others will offer visitors rides on their buses etc, so they can experience firsthand clean green transport alternatives.

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Electric scooters.png


Electric scooters & cars will take center stage at the festival with scores of manufacturers vying for the best hotels & locations in Vung Tau to display their products, to the tens of thousands of potential buyers and agents visiting the festival .


The Festival will encourage visitors to rent an electric bike while at the festival to move around all the different displays & activities spread across Vung Tau.


The uptake of renewable energy sources is paramount for all households and businesses. The Festival will display the latest technologies and innovations in the renewable energy field.


The continued roll out of Renewable Energy sources is critically important for the future of global Government, Industry and community.  Renewable energy will be a key feature and activity of the Festival. Numerous models, displays and activities showcasing various Solar, Off-Shore and On-Shore wind generation systems and installation techniques will be established so visitors and industries can better appreciate the importance of these critically important power sources and the jobs they create for skilled workers

Green Energy.png
Single Use Plastic Alternatives.png


Festival Organizers will be encouraging all participating hotels and restaurants to replace  all their take away single use plastic with green eco-friendly alternatives, or initiate plastic collection and recycling programs.


Organizers will create an extensive directory of food outlets, coffee shops, etc, for visitors that will show where in Vung Tau they can eat or buy a cup of coffee from an outlet that is not utilizing single use plastics or is participating in a plastic collection or recycling program.


This will make for a great eco-food festival for all visitors who wish to sample Vung Tau’s fresh seafood and drinks without adding to its plastic pollution problems.

'Single Use Plastic Alternative' Manufactures and Resellers will establish various displays & demonstrations at various participating hotels.

Various Organizations and Businesses will also establish displays demonstrating fun ways plastics can be reused or recycled.


Waste Management is a major problem for cities. Scores of waste management companies will surely jump at the opportunity to demonstrate their waste management systems to all the government and business leaders who visit the Festival.


Participating companies will be able to set up their demonstration waste management systems within Vung Tau which will allow visitors to learn firsthand better ways they can help recycle and or dispose of their waste.

Waste Management.png
renewable energy concert.png



The festival will utilize some innovative renewable systems to establish some off-grid food markets and entertainment facilities on Vung Tau’s beautiful beaches etc

A highlight of the Festival each night will be the RENEWABLE ENERGY


This will be an off the grid Lightshow & Concert featuring local artists and powered exclusively by renewable energy sources.


Governments, organizations, and individuals are increasingly prioritizing sustainability, spurred on by severe global weather events and the narrowing opportunity to limit the increase in global temperatures. This, in turn, fuels demand from borrowers seeking finance to fund their projects.

In Vietnam, project finance has grown year over year, from around $3 billion in 2018 to $38 billion in 2021, spanning energy, transport, telecommunications, and water projects.

Demand for the financing of renewable-energy projects has led this growth, which totaled more than $10 billion annually from 2018 to 2020 and $21 billion in 2021. Offshore wind is the largest segment driving demand in this area, with photovoltaic solar also a large contributor.

Visit the Green Lifestyles Festival and talk with numerous Green Financiers in attendance.

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If you would like to find out more, or see how you can participate in the 

2023 Green Lifestyles Festival

Please contact the Steering Committee at

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