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The goal of the Green Lifestyles Program, is to Partner with scores of associations, green businesses & individuals in at various locations across the globe, so together we can curtail the ravages of climate change by way of assisting millions of younger citizens globally to plant more trees, curtail the use of single use plastics, help restore decimated bee colonies, nurture and protect marine environments, promote the use of clean renewable sources of energy, and generally live greener lifestyles.​

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The Green lifestyles  is quite easy to roll out in your selected region. There are no costs passed on to the Partner for the production of the animated videos. The Partner only pays for the establishment of their individually branded web site.

  • The Green Lifestyles Program will establish your unique regional Green Lifestyles Partner Website, similar to this one, but with your own branding

  • The Green Lifestyles Program will establish your unique regional  Facebook Group on your behalf if you so desire,

  • The Green Lifestyles Program will appointment a Community Engagement Officer who will assist your program engage with local universities and schools in your selected area, online.

  • The Community Engagement Officer. will also be your direct liaison with the Green Lifestyles Partner Program


The Green Lifestyles Partner Program has spent a great deal of time developing a unique unifying Eco-Warrior symbol that gives young people a sense of belonging, and purpose, which they will be proud to wear anywhere.

Give us a Chance is a poignant message, pointing out that if today’s older generation continues on its very slow path of decarbonization, today’s younger generations will have absolutely no chance at all, of inheriting a safe, clean environment to live out their lives.

The Give Us a Chance logo, V fingers, and Give Us a Chance chant, set to John Lennon’s song Give Peace a Chance, will surely become the catch cry of an entire generation of young people fighting for their future.

“All we are asking, is Give us a Chance.”


STEP 1/ The first step in the implementation of your MTM Green Lifestyles Partner program, is the production by us of your own regionally focused MTM Green Lifestyles website, which would much the same as this site.

Of course, this new website would have its own new domain name, and branding, along with your messaging which would replace the existing About Us.

At the same time, we will create a unique Green Lifestyles Facebook Group, which complements the website.

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STEP 2/ Once all activities of Step 1 have been completed, the Green Lifestyles Program will appoint a Community Engagement Officer (CEO) to assist your program, (located at the Green Lifestyles Head Office) begin to communicate with the principals of Universities &  schools in your targeted region.

The CEO will,

  • Contact and outline the MTM Green Lifestyles project to local principals & teachers of universities and schools in your region.

  • List the expected benefits and outcomes for the local community from participation.

  • Point out that there is and easy to follow step by step school planner on the web site which explains how the program can be implemented within their school.


With the support of local teachers at each school, the CEO will utilize the website, Facebook group and other social media platforms to engage with all the participating students online.

STEP 3/ Many students will undertake and complete the two initial challenges of the Green-lifestyles Program, which simply asked them to plant a single tree, and convince four of their friends and family to do the same. (Please refer to home page of this website)


Each student will also need to place pictures of their tree plantings on your Facebook Group, as well as register as an Eco-Warrior on your website.

It is at this stage new Eco-Warriors will look to purchase a MTM Tee-shirt.

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Tee Shirt
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If you would like to explore initiating your Green Lifestyles Partner Program, anywhere in the world, or just want to know more, please contact Mr. Paul Phillips at or +84 93 340 1006 (WhatsApp) or (Teams)

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