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The Million Trees & Messages Project, is shaping up to be one of the largest verifiable environmental awareness campaigns of this decade, with an estimated 10 million active participants in 2022 alone, focused on improving global sustainability.

At present, the hundreds of billions of people who stand to lose the most from unabated climate change, pollution, and overconsumption, have absolutely no representation or voice regards the actions or inactions of today’s governments.


They are of course the citizens of every future generation of every nation.


The Million Trees & Messages project will give a resounding voice to these billions, by way of the

Give Us A Chance Campaign

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On the back of all Give Us a Chance tee shirts, will be the names of hundreds of renewable energy generators, electric vehicle and green manufacturers, etc who are presently working hard to try and provide future generations with the chance they are so desperately asking us for. Global citizens should therefore wear their shirts with pride & strength, and go out of their way to promote & support these future thinking companies, who are providing a glimmer of hope for all future generations, and totally shun companies which by their actions and inactions are clearly demonstrating they only care about their profits today, and little to nothing of the billions of lives that will surely be lost tomorrow, as a result of their greed.

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So as to achieve our desired Inclusive Corporate Participation Strategy, the

Corporate Supporters Package  US$225.


A contribution to supporting global reforestation, decarbonization & Greener Lifestyles which all but a handful of companies doing business in the world today, could budget for, without impacting their bottom line.

To make our Inclusive Corporate Participation Strategy even more attractive to smaller companies, we have developed an extensive list of Direct & Indirect Benefits, which should see all companies gain at least a 20- 50 times return on their investment into the MTM Project. (see below)

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2022 Corporate Supporters will gain the distinguished title of,

'Million Trees & Messages Founding Corporate Supporter'

  • Logo & Name will be placed on the MTM web site as a Founding Corporate Supporter on both their country's and Industry Sector' pages, making it easy for MTM eco-warriors globally to identify supporting companies.

  • Will have their company name printed on the back of 10,000 industry sector & national Give Us A Chance tee-shirts in 2022.

  • Will be listed on our MTM Preferred Supplier & Retailer list which will be circulated to all MTM Eco-Warriors & Government members

  • Will receive a special letter from the MTM Founder, Mr Paul Phillips, thanking you for, and acknowledging your Founding Corporate Supporter status. This letter will be a great attachment if you ever have to write a section within a RFP or bid, regards your company’s commitment to sustainability or the UN Sustainable Goals.

  • Can purchase high quality MTM Tee Shirts, with their corporate name solely printed on them for just US$4ea (minimum quantity 100) (includes delivery anywhere in the world) ( click here to view) 

  • Will receive a monthly newsletter

  • Displaying your company’s green credentials within local, regional and global communities, will result in an increased sense of pride within company employees.

  • Will demonstrate your company is environmentally aware with regards its day to day operations.

  • Will demonstrate your company’s commitment to reducing plastic pollution.


As a Corporate Supporter you may use any of the 3D animated Million Trees & Messages characters in any relevant advertising or promotional campaign.

Click the button below to support the MTM global youth effort.


If you would like to find out more about how the Million Trees & Messages program could assist promote the Green Credentials of your company,  please drop me, Mr Paul Phillips an email at,


and I will be glad to talk more about the benefits, and expected outcomes of the Million Trees & Messages program.

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