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Reforestation of the planet is not going to be completed in a year or two, nor even a decade or two. It is now a generational problem.

It has been proven many times, if a young person learns a skill or habit when they are young it will stay with them for life.

The Million Trees & Messages Project strongly encourages participation from the administrators of all levels of the local education system, from universities to primary schools, to assist us to encourage and support students within their educational institution who wish to get proactively involved with the reforestation of their region.


With the assistance of management and staff, students could research and discover what trees are native in their region, and then with further support from staff they could start their own tree nurseries, from money they might have raised from locally initiated fund raising, or donations from supportive industries.

There is little doubt that students over time will gain the skills sets and knowledge, to manage all aspects of tree and forest conservation, preservation and management, which they will continue to practice for the rest of their lives. 

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​There is no cost involved for schools to participate in the Million Trees & Messages project. In fact most schools should gain considerably more support from parents and local government from their participation in such an important project.

Schools simply need to register below, after which the Million Trees & Messages Team will start working with your staff, to assist them begin implementing the Million Trees & Messages program at your school

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The school program will not take up a lot of staff time or school resources.

The aims of the Million Trees & Messages Project is to create awareness of the problems caused by unchecked deforestation, and try to provide students with steps they can each personally take locally, to help change the present expected outcomes, of global deforestation.

To achieve the above, the Million Trees & Messages program has made, and continues to make more, Step by Step 3D animated educational videos, utilizing a cast of lovable characters, which layout simple actions they and their family members can personally take in their local community.



Step one of the program is to encourage all young participants to get their family to plant at least one tree each year, with a message in a bottle buried next to it; like a time capsule.  It is important for young people to experience firsthand just how easy and enjoyable planting a new tree can be.


Placing messages in a bottle alongside the new tree presents the opportunity for family members to express their thoughts of why they have planted the tree, and the important role it may play in shaping the future. It also presents the opportunity for them to express their hopes and dreams for the future.

The videos that explain this step are


MTM Challenge One

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Step two of the program, is to encourage young people who have planted a tree themselves, to talk to their friends and relatives about what they have done and why, and encourage them to also plant a tree. We have produced two videos to help young people understand the importance of spreading the word, as well as demonstrate that taking the time to talk to friends, can ultimately lead to a million new trees being planted.

The My Million Trees  & the MTM Challenge Two videos clearly show how just talking to four friends about planting a tree, and encouraging those four friends to also talk to four of their friends about planting a new tree, can quickly lead to a million new trees being planted

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